When you purchase a premium feature on the Matomo Marketplace, you need to select a subscription. We differentiate between the following three subscription types:

  • Up to 4 Matomo users
  • 5-15 Matomo users
  • Unlimited Matomo users

The subscription you need to choose only depends on the total number of users registered on your Matomo (or Piwik). If you don’t know how many users are registered, we recommend checking it before purchasing a subscription. A plugin installation or update will be only possible if the total number of users does not exceed the authorized number of users of the subscription. Please note that it is not possible to activate a plugin only for certain users, the features will be always activated for all of your users.

All the subscriptions allow you to do the following:

  • Tracking of unlimited actions and visitors
  • Tracking & usage on unlimited websites and apps
  • Usage on unlimited servers within one Matomo instance

Subscriptions for multiple Matomo instances

If you for example sell Matomo as a service in the cloud, when you are an agency that hosts Matomo instances for several clients and customers, or when you are having a test or staging environment for your Matomo, this section might be interesting for you.

Each subscription authorizes you to use the plugin only on one Matomo instance. This means if you operate multiple Matomo instances, you need to purchase additional subscriptions (licenses) for each Matomo instance.

How do I know when I have more than one Matomo instance?

  • Multiple Matomo access URLs for different clients or customers may be an indicator for multiple instances, for example “piwik.client1.com” and “piwik.client2.com”. Each URL might potentially be a different Matomo instance and you need to purchase additional subscriptions for each instance. If you log in to the different Matomo URLs as a super user, and see the same websites listed in the Websites Management and the same users listed in the Users Management across all Matomo URLs, then it could be only one Matomo instance even though there are different URLs.
  • If you have a different Matomo database, or a different configuration file for each of your client or server environment, then likely you are operating multiple Matomo instances.

If you are not sure whether you have several Matomo instances or only a single instance, contact us.

Test and development Matomo instances

One valid subscription can be used on an active Matomo instance and a test or a development Matomo instance. This allows you to test your premium features in a live and a development environment at the same time. If you have 5 subscriptions, then you can use it on 5 Matomo instances and 5 test or development Matomo instances.