If you are using Matomo for WordPress

Please read our guide here.

If you are using Matomo On-Premise


Once you have completed a purchase, you receive a license key that you can enter in your Matomo to download and install your plugins. If you purchase several plugins over time, you need to enter the license key only once as all your subscribed plugins will be linked to the same license key. To enter a license key follow these steps:

  • Log in as a Super User
  • Go to “Administration => Marketplace”
  • Enter your license key into the form field and confirm the form

Since Matomo 4.6 you can alternatively also configure the license key on the command line using the command ./console marketplace:set-license-key –license-key=ENTER_LICENSE_KEY.

Now you can install all the plugins you have a subscription for at once, or install each plugin separately. If you don’t know your license key, read more about where do I find my license key?.

Please note the installation or update of a plugin will be only possible if your Matomo does not have more users than the selected subscription authorizes. For example if your Matomo has 6 users but you have ordered a license that authorizes only 1-4 users, the download of the plugin won’t be possible. In such a case you need to upgrade your subscription.


Updating a purchased plugin works just like updating any other plugin that was installed from the Marketplace. Follow these steps to update a plugin:

  • Log in as a Super User
  • Go to “Administration => Plugins”
  • Click “Update”

You can activate email notifications for newly available plugin updates by going to “Administration => General Settings”. In the section “Update Settings” activate “Send an email when a plugin update is available”.

Manual installation & updates

If your Matomo is not connected to the internet, or you prefer to install and update plugins manually, have a look at the How do I install a new plugin FAQ. You can download purchased plugins in Your Account or with a license key on the Marketplace Download page.